AC3 breaks records. How come bad economy affected only this game?

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Pros have been making that excuse since the first week of release for poor sales of DmC. Assasin's Creed III is the most recent multimillion seller that shipped 12 million copies. So what has the economy got against DmC? Why is it only affecting DmC and NOT AC3, COD, FIFA and Far Cry 3 or even Animal Crossing?

Well those aren't niche games...Bayonetta also sold horribly compared to them.

AC3 was a glitched mess and the worst out of the series, yet it seems to have sold the most. Good promo on Ubi's side..

Worst of the series? Clearly you haven't played any of the PSP games.
Or if you're talking about the main 5 games then either AC1 or Revelations takes that title.

What about the ds one? Helluva lot worse than the psp one.
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