Welp. Looks like we won Anti's.

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  3. Welp. Looks like we won Anti's.
3 years ago#81
Virtue777 posted...
Bring back Breath of Fire

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3 years ago#82
I like all the modernisation talk of these clowns, modernisation doesnt equal butchering a hardcore serious and turning it into a wannabe god of war game, they could of upgraded the graphics and streamlined some things, but they simply botched the whole point of the game which was challenging yourself to achieve S ranks
3 years ago#83
Tandirion posted...
This is a reboot, review the game as it is, not compared to the old DMC games.

"It will feel like a proper Devil May Cry when you have the controller in your hand," insisted Antoniades."

3 years ago#84
EchoPianist posted...
I really don't see the big deal in this article. And I disagree with it in general, I don't think the few diehard fans who don't want to buy it to see it fail really are the cause for the low sales number. There is also no indication as far as I know where developers stated that they will make a DMC5 if DmC has low sales. It's just a silly melodrama diehard DMC fans are making up to pretend like they're somehow "getting back" at Ninja Theory for rebooting the series.

What are you doing bringing logic in here? Get out.

It is true though. Like there were 5 million ~true fanz~ who would have bought the hardcore, insanely difficult DMC5? LoL no. Where did all the 1337, hardcore h&s gamers go when Bayonetta needed support? Bayonetta couldn't quite make it to 2m sold and would be done for had Nintendo not saved it.
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3 years ago#85
Muscle Buster posted...
*drinks soda* 'Tis a good day indeed. Victory for common sense and good gameplay over the desire to alienate and antagonise fans for no ****ing reason.

3 years ago#86
Basically they're calling us crybabies because we didn't like this garbage they call Devil May Cry?

Get over it I say. We had established characters, weapons, looks and combat that worked. It was changed why again?
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3 years ago#87
ShadowZero007 posted...
Accept that Sazh is awesome.

Way ahead of you there.
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3 years ago#88
yeaa,we won!! let celebrate this!! want some candy??
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3 years ago#89
Sazh - Racist caricature and worst FF character ever. Don't agree ? Your problem.
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3 years ago#90
This failure should send those clowns at Capcom a message. Chances are they'll interpret it the wrong way.
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  3. Welp. Looks like we won Anti's.

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