Ok lets be serious, do you think DMC1 is better than this?

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Stepswordsman posted...
DMC: "I should've been the one to fill your dark soul with LIIIIIIIGHT!!!"
DmC: - F*** you! - F*** you! - F*** YOU BLAAAAAAARGH!!!

A clear improvement over the original.

I agree. When I first saw that scene, it was the only time someone's acting was so horrible it made me uncomfortable.

More like:"I should of actually attended my acting courses in college!"
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DMC is the best in the old series so go figure. Retro, son I am disappoint you even ask this.
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At least he did a better job disguising his hatred for the old series than usual.

And yes, I do think DMC1 is better than this. There is just something so eloquent in it.

Oh, also:

Retroxgamer0 posted...
that was the only boss that did that. it was suppose to be funny. you clearly have no sense of humor.

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It goes without saying. What kind of redundant waste of question is this?
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Oh god yes. DMC is a perfect game.

People who think DmC is better than DMC3, 4, and especially 1 aren't Devil May Cry fans.