Antis don't need to stick around

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None of you brats would open your mouths to your elders like this in real life because you know you'd get a good hiding.

If I were your parent and I caught you talking to people the way you do on here, I'd drag you to your local jail and let you be a smartass all you like. Oh wait you'd be crying as they beat you to an inch of your life.

Bulls***. I tell off anyone for being an idiot, like you are now.

Guessing by the bile you're spewing, you're just some kid, barely into his teen years. You've got some balls, but trust me, they aren't big enough for you to even try to sit at the big kids table.

Now shut the f*** up while grown folks is talkin'.

Oh oh, internet bully alert.

Please. I'm far from bullying.
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Why are all your topics the exact same?

a better question is, why is Pesmerga255 ALWAYS the first to reply to EVERY pro post? this is a legit question by the way. oh my freaking god.

Ive noticed that too and i actually feel bad for the kid as its quite sad.
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TC: "I'm outta here!"

*continues to post*

Lol, stay classy Happychappy

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So what's all this now?
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So what's all this now?

Anal bleeding.
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