What combat changes/improvements would you make from DMC3 & 4 in DMC5?

#11Dominus_1Posted 2/9/2013 4:12:10 PM
Just apply Nero's moveset controls to Dante's. So you get more aerial attacks with 1 button (i.e. he gets helm breaker, an aerial combo, and roullette all with one button, and that glide attack).
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tehhead posted...
double tapping equipped style change weapon set:

consider it like this, dante in DmC has access to 5 devil arm in 1 time, 1 being rebellion as default & 4 other being angel & demon, scratch the whole angel & demon, now dante can only use 2 weapon at once, similar to DMC3

and put an option/default skill "extra" style, this style lets you carry additional weapon set, so dante can bring 4 guns & 4 devil arms

Reverting back to two weapon sets when DMC4 allowed you to access all of them? That would be going backwards.

Perhaps something like this:
You can cycle through all weapons by tapping the R2 button. However, if you hold down the R2 button the d-pad directions become instant weapon change i.e., Up is normally Trickster style, but holding R2 + Up allows you to switch to Rebllion from whatever weapon you've currently equipped. That way, you can both access all your Devil Arms at once, and quick change in the midst of combos. Same would apply to Gun switching.

custom style mapping:
you can replace all style mapping in mission menu,

you can bring 5 style at once, 4 first 1 use directional button, 5th style is double tapping any directional button

you can change all above in game session through equipment menu, but it will count into your time (equipment menu counts to clear time, pausing game to quit or restart does not)

I like this. More flexibility in customisation is always a plus. Not sure about time spent in menus counting towards mission time. They should do it like Bayo, only time in combat counts, so you don't have to worry about exploration affecting your ranking.
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#13Psychochild27Posted 2/9/2013 8:38:19 PM(edited)

Instant Revving and Buster
These needs to be in the game, regardless of whether Nero is in it or not. They're too fun and add a lot to the gameplay not to be. Perhaps Dante can acquire a Devil Arm with their mechanics.

Let Nero be Nero. Instant Rev and Busters don't fit Dante's character anyway. Just giving him the whip in DmC's pushing it, but it gets away with it on merit of Ninja Theory making the fighting spaces so ridiculously large and Dino not really fighting like Dante much in the first place because they insist on making his fighting style "Raw" like Nero's was supposed to be.

Aerial Rave is default for Rebellion:
Honestly, there is no reason why you can't have this outside of SM style. They only binded it to SM to pad out its features, which is blatantly obvious when Nero has access to it for the OPPOSITE reason: to pad out HIS relatively small movelist.

Keep Helmbreaker the same, add a second aerial combo to Dante's aerial rave as a combo branch in Swordmaster. Done.
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C'mon all you people who say DmC is shallow, show us what you can come up with.
Capcom tries to appeal to the CoD gamer with RE6.
CoD gamer buys the new CoD instead.
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This might sound crazy, but I'd like to see the MGS weapon wheel implemented in DMC.

Say, holding down R2 will stop time for everything and open up a weapon wheel menu which allows you to select another weapon or choose a "default weapon".

tapping R2 would either make you instantly switch between your current and previous weapon, or if you have selected a "default weapon", your current weapon and that.