So when do you think we'll be hearing from Capcom (or maybe even NT)?

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nickizgr8 posted...
Tameem hasn't posted anything on his twitter since release. Must be hiding under his massive ego.

We can only hope it either crushes him or castrates him.

In the first, the world is a better place. In the second, he'd become a more humble man. Win-Win situation.
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SiLVeR_420 posted...
RE6 was very profitable so I don't think Capcom cares that it didn't reach the original expected sales target. And seeing that they said it failed to reach the original sales expectations by 2 million it atleast reached their 2nd expected target.

You mean their third target. Initially it was 7 millions, then they lowered it to 6 millions, then they lowered it to 5 millions.

If they keep lowering the target it's obvious that sooner or later they'll meet it.

But the real problem isn't RE6 per se, it's that almost all their big budget games are underperforming as of late. DmC, RE6, DD, AW, DR2:OFT, SFxT and so on. Operation Raccoon City (!?) is the only one I can think of that met their forecast this fiscal year.