The DmC comic summary...

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Dante embraces both, his human and demon half in DMC3, all this you're syaing just means you never played it, or just skipped all cutscenes.

Specially when you said Vergil wanted to obtain the power from an "ancient evil" is just worse.
He wanted the amulets so he could open the gate to hell so that he could retrieve the Force Edge, Sparda's sword, because he needed that power, without it he wouldn't be able to protect anything.(He even says so to Dante).

in DMC3 dante seems to resent sparda for not being there

Until he fights lady and starts to acknowledge his father's legacy after her speech to him about "family business". At first he hated what his father did but at the end he started to care and knew how important was his father's legacy in the settings.
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Sparda... "his his sword inside Donte"... please tell me I read that wrong...

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Oh, and when I confronted him after the game came out about it not being chapter based, he started telling me that he never said this game was chapter based and that he was talking about MGR. But here we see proof that he was, indeed, saying that DmC was chapter based.

Didn't he come up with some excuse about the storyboard being chapter based or something like that?

Yes he did.

He also started saying that it's possible to get the 2 min achievement by beating a secret mission when that isn't true either
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One person is immature and an liar according to them.

Doing the same thing and claiming that they are adults.

DMC fanboys never caeses to amuse me.
check shatter statement. And say it's not lie, but with feeling.

DMC fanboys calls him an liar and yet they have no proof to backup.

Yeah what else do I need to see more? Dont worry, MGR will end your pain and both franchises along with it..

A clown defending a clown. How cute.

And "an liar"? Do you think with your lack of correct grammar, we're going to take you seriously?
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Tag for later when I'm done with the game.
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Man, that guy is the clown that keeps on giving. Chapter based, haha, so full of it.
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ITT Pros deem shatterstar a martyr.
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can we please get back on topic?
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dunno lol
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ITT Pros deem shatterstar a martyr.

I still remember someone calling Shatterstar "the most level headed person in this board".