Alternate final boss idea & minor story (possible spoilers)

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3 years ago#1
I thought it on the fly but felt that since sparda was ALWAYS used as a plot device and never TRULY represented that he needed to be involved someway the way I thought it up was this way

After being imprisoned and most likley tortured for 20 years probly enduring mental torture of reliving his wifes murder countless times and mundus minions perhaps showing images that feed on spardas worst fears...of his sons dying at mundus hands this constant barrage of torture for 20 years slowly erodes spardas sanity leaving him with only 1 thought "find my sons"

The instant mundus dies his minions show a moment of weakness at the shock of their king being defeated and sparda breaks free killing all in his wake since hes driven by his objective he fights his way through hell making his way to a portal to earth he enters it arriving in the now limbo merged human world

Sencing his kids presense he heads towards them arriving just as vergil is about to leave the second he arrives he can only utter their names before his sanity completely fades and sparda glows with demonic energy and becomes a 3 phase boss battle

Phase 1- dante only, sparda uses his forcedge fighting similar to dante in DMC3 even doing the long rebellion combo of SMlvl3 shoots larger more powerful overdrives and shoots fireballs as his projectiles and even fights with his fists Ala beowulf but more feral in technique with huge explosions when he groundpounds

Phase2-vergil only, sparda grows stronger and knocks dante away incapasatating him and vergil jumps in to protect him anyway despite being injured and their disagreement earlier, Sparda summons a spectral yamato and fights with more powerful yamato combos doing DMC3 Judgement cut and nero DT moves showdown, and blade beams, at 50% sparda adds his forceedge and transforms it to sparda form doing his phase 1 sword combos along with yamato

Phase 3- dante & vergil coop(just like arkham fight)
Dante recovers and sparda now transforms into his DT form and both bros have to battle him. Sparda now hits harder and uses all of his moves from previous phases, sparda adds the DT explosion as a move his sword moves have the DMC1 mundus battle effect his yamato adds judgement cuts after each combo and super jugdment cut last much longer

Upon defeating him he reverts and reaches for his sons as he falls saying "eva....forgive me" at this the twins realize who he is and watch in shock as sparda fades his power merging with yamato and dante claims the forceedge vergil leaves and dante looks up at the sky simply saying "im sorry" & sheds a tear

Sorry for long post guys kinda lost myself in writing

Repost from another topic figured id make a topic since it was so long
3 years ago#2
I walked in and saw a wall of text was about to leave but caught a glimpse of it. Needless to say I liked your idea it was pretty cool, i imagined it in my head lol.
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3 years ago#3
Thanx I imagined it myself seeing epic explosions sparda causing more chaos to the city but I never could decide on the music for the battle for some reason I kept hearing "knight Artorias" theme again sorry for text wall
3 years ago#4
dont worry about it man, it was a good read.
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3 years ago#5
Not bad, I dig it.
3 years ago#6
Maybe somewhere out there, even a devil may cry when he loses a loved one...
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3 years ago#7
Glad u liked it i figured what wouldave been a cool way to tribute the old games besides the trophys then just thought SPARDA FIGHT if anyone would like to add what would be a good song to play during this fight dont hesitate to post

AS for his human look I imagined him to look like his old self but wearing his portrait armor his hair is much messier and longer and greyed from the hellfire soot his clothes more like tatters but bits of his armor are still attached his DT is his classic demon form but with minor changes no insect wings just the 2 large batwings and clawed feet instead of large hooves
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