Been away, any word on the Vergil DLC?

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I hope it releases on the 19th. Just to make MGR's victory all the more sweet.

You do understand one can enjoy both, right?

you either play on release
1. VDownfall or
You can't play them both...

At the same time? No.
In the same day; easily.
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3-4 hours long.
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Mystickay86 posted...

3-4 hours long.

And it'll cost $8.99 according to Gamespot. Seems like a nice deal to me. If this ends up being true, it'll be one of the first good DLCs that Capcom has ever done since the advent of DLCs.
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Mystickay86 posted...

3-4 hours long.

main game is 4 hour long without means VD is about 1,5-2 hour long.