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4 years ago#11
And I responded in the post above you.

In the end while I try saying we're not all the same I can't help but generalize too like some did.

My bad. I apologise for that. Need to work on my English.

But if the sales flopped here at least the majority of European gamers thinks this game is better off in the garbage bin.
4 years ago#12
ItalianIdiot posted...

I think you meant murderer, unless you meant Americans are a group of crows.
4 years ago#13
Crap, sorry.

4 years ago#14
ItalianIdiot posted...
We got more taste than you Americans.

By more taste I mean we then to avoid -----y games more than you.

That's because you don't get the good ones until a year later than us anyway.
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4 years ago#15
Damn it. Freaking Americans. All fat, greasy and working at McDonalds.

I'll be complaining about them as I fly in an airplane, play a video game, wipe my ass with toilet paper, get an artificial heart implant, and post here on the Internet, or watch YouTube videos - maybe post on Facebook.
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4 years ago#16
SephirothDZX posted...
DmC got outsold by Medal of Honor Warfighter, of all things, in the UK last week.


Don't look at the games that are crushing DmC. Look at the games DmC is crushing.

I mean, you've got the 40 dollar Angry Birds Trilogy. Grand Theft Auto Episodes: Liberty City. Mario and Sonic London 2012. Epic Mickey TWO.

4 years ago#17
Kyrylo posted...
it got outsold by LEGO Batman...lol:D

lol. We know the UK gaming market is a mess.

UK Chart: Dead Space 3 is first, but sells 26 percent less than Dead Space 2

Last week's chart winner, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, saw a 63% drop in sales and landed in sixth place

What bad salez. All failures. Should have listened to the fanz!!!11!!!1!
"Those who want everything will end up with nothing."--Lulu, FFX
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