Why does everyone say the voice acting is good?

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What? Was there not enough LIIIIIIIIIIGHTT in this game for you?

DmC wishes it could have a moment as great as that
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Deus Ex had better voice acting than this game.

Deus Ex had moments like this:

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...did i just hear solid snake's voice?
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Some of the best acting in DMC.

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Horrible voice acting for horrible dialogue.
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To me, bad voice acting is something like Vanquish or the new Injustice: Gods Among Us game. Those really stand out as horrible voice actings in my opinion.

Except Vanquish's "bad VA" was done on purpose, because unlike this piece of s*** Vanquish doesn't take itself seriously.

Funnily enough, despite that Vanquish still has a better plot and acting than this game.

From: Rasendori124 | #024
Some of the best acting in DMC.

Devil May Cry 3: HD Cutscenes (Mission 11)

Oh wow, kat is acting so cheesy in this game and dinte is like an anime character qacting all crazy and stupid n vorgel doesnt even use guns lol wtf not realisitc at all n way toooo cheeeeesy DmC is way better
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IFightBears posted...
ScreamingMidget posted...
The sounds he makes in combat are hilarious.

Especially with Osiris.


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This is actually the only thing I like about Dino.
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It is pretty good.
No one in it was bad.
Dante can slur a bit, bu beyond that it's solid.
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ShadowZero007 posted...
It is pretty good.
No one in it was bad.
Dante can slur a bit, bu beyond that it's solid.

I just don't see how anyone can say it's solid. I almost feel like we played two completely different games, because all of the characters in DmC sound horribly lifeless and seem like they don't care about their roles at all.
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No, baby!! Pull me back in!!!