DmC analysis.

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3 years ago#11
Loved the part with Tameem and Capcom.
The older rpg games will always be the best forever and ever.
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3 years ago#12
it's funny- i actually dislike DMC4 more than this game- cause after 3 i was expecting another amazing playing game with a crazy, stupid scenario- and got... well you've all played it. I HATED Nero- and didn't like adult Dante. (Lady & Gloria were awesome looking though!)

I agree with most of the negative comments i've heard about the combat though. i have no desire to play now that i've done everything on normal mode- more Bayonetta for me while i wait for other action games.

human behaviour
3 years ago#13
Honestly DMC4 still tops this game in every area though.

And for a half-finished game, that is sad.

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