So, like, can some of you "antis" just admit that you only don't like DmC due to

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TerrorriskX posted...
Slant Six - Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City
Ninja Theory - DmC: Devil May Cry
Spark Unlimited - Lost Planet 3

I have nothing against western developers, its just Capcom is making some pretty odd choices lately in choosing the ones making their games. I feel these games could be better if Capcom just did it themselves instead of relying on outsiders to take what's established. It would had worked wonders for Asura's Wrath (Blue Castle) if the decision to put the actual ending of the game as DLC didn't exist.

Heck I believe RE6 is what ORC should had been, while RE6 should had been closer to Revelations. At least that was a step in the right direction for horror, if not fully. There's probably good ideas here to be found in all three of these games, but probably won't be remembered for them. Just like DMC2 having it's own good ideas to salvage into later games.

You don't need a western developer to make a western game. (REvil, DRising, MGSolid, Contra?) I have other reasons for not liking DmC, but that's beside the point of the topic.

the reason the ending was DLC was because the original plan was to make a sequel for aw
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