Do enemies and bosses get new attacks on higher difficulties

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Pesmerga255 posted...
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I know you're a New User, but you really should know that you'll get banned quickly if you keep on trying to troll by putting "0/10" in almost every post you make.

I gave 0/10 for your comment, due the lack of evidence.

Give me anything solid and I'll probably avoid scoring comments. Also, don't you do that? I swear I've read some of your comments with that same stuff. wHAT'S THAT?

I'm sure the mods will have enough evidence when they check your post history.

Your little "0/10" thing breaks another site rule too, it's disruptive.

Oh, right. Better stop with it while I still have time. :)

You know, it's going to be a shame.

So, where is my proof?
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tehdud posted...
the only difference in the situation is who is being asked to provide evidence.

There is more, I didn't make a topic and I didn't claim it was being played on DMD.
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I provided proof of DmC's lack of damage scaling on higher difficulties.
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he made a post claiming x

you made a post claiming x

what difference is there? his happened to be the first post?
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Pesmerga255 posted...
I provided proof of DmC's lack of damage scaling on higher difficulties.

Well, but you didn't prove your claim. So my point still stands.

I'm being fair. If I'm proved to be wrong, then I'll come here and say I was wrong. I have no problem with that.

You can even save and quote me if necessary. See? I'm not bad, I'm quite cool.