So people slag off Tameem and let Kojima slide by?

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A well respected producer makes his staff apologize for failing to deliver on a concept they themselves chose to make without his involvement. I don't see shaming here, I see someone who cares about delivering a quality product. Let's be honest here, this was Kojipro's first game without Kojima, this was supposed to be their spreading of wings and first flight. They failed so Kojima had them apologize for it. There's nothing shameful here.

Also it should be underlined that he made that video and made his team apologize to make people understand that it was either Revengeance or nothing, not just to throw them under a bus.
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Ok...I see 2 dragons trying very hard to act like Kojima is as bad as Tameem yet from where I see it, Kojima didn't have a hand in MGR past Producer stuff(which if anyone here knows what Producers do...) while Tameem didn't even have the decency to apologize for his arrogance while neither Kojima nor KojiPro showed the same level of idiocy...

This is a troll topic in disguise with 2 extremely butthurt DmC pros doing whatever they can to justify a purchase.

wut, I was defending Kojima, and then I began quoting shatter as a joke. You hurt my feelings bro :(

Should have been more obvious...
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Oh tc tc tc, are you really that butthurt to make Kojima look bad to prove your undying love for dmc?
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MightyBaconX posted...
Oh tc tc tc, are you really that butthurt to make Kojima look bad to prove your undying love for dmc?

It's a last effort before migrating to troll the MGR board.
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lol Kojima didn't even write MGR:R...
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