If I liked DMC 1 - 3, should I get DMC4?

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I think so. While it wasn't AS good as 1 and 3 (Its better than 2) I liked it. The last half of the game involves a lot of backtracking which turned people off but I didn't mind. The combat was great though.

Overall for me The ranking goes 1,3,4,2 With one just barely beating 3. 4, while not great is still a decent add in for the franchise though in my opinion.
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YES! Combat is awesome and it has some awesome bosses.
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Great and deep combat , music, story ( yes, the order of the holy knights and them worshipping a demon, then there plot of making the savior was nice but weak presentation + Nero's development ), awesome bosses , new character+ game mechanics, nice stages and huge replay value. Cons are little backtracking for 6 or 5 missions and some weak implementation of the story, especially Dante and that organization's role.also the game is not that dark and atmospheric like previous DMCs.
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Just to make sure you know you should, I'm gonna add another "yes" to the pile.
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Get the PC version. It runs on a brick and if you have something stronger than a brick, Legendary Dark Knight is one of the best things ever.

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I'd recommend it. Sure, it's no DMC3, but it's still fun to play.
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Yes, definitely. You will not like DmC though.