Why can't people admit they like bad things?

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Still waiting to hear how he could beat him, I mean superman can beat Goku BUT batman beat's superman.

Bats > Supes >> Goku

Me! I could beat all of them.

I give Goku an all-you-can-eat pass to a buffet (Goku will never turn down food), I place some kryptonite near Superman and then I unleash Harley Quinn on Wayne Manor.

I win! :D

This guy stomps all.

Nostalgiarules > Bats > Supes > Goku.

HAHAHA!! Goku's at the bottom because he's ruled by his stomach. :P Superman is third because kryptonite pretty much takes him out easily. I have to give props to Batman. He's one of the few super heroes who doesn't have super powers, but is still resourceful. So taking down Bats would be hard. Harley Quinn tops the Joker himself at times. XD
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