ITT We name 400 games harder than DmC Devil May Cry

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4 years ago#121
The Walking Dead
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4 years ago#122
4 years ago#123
Darksiders 2
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4 years ago#124
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4 years ago#125
Atma Weapon is the most badass weapon in Final Fantasy 6
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4 years ago#126
So many obvious ones not mentioned.

Metal Gear Rising, Bayonetta, all the DMCs, Starcrafts, Warcrafts, Ghosts and Goblins, Megamans, God Hand, Super Marios, Assassin's Creeds, Heavenly Sword (Oddly enough), Viewtiful Joes, Super Monkey Balls (LET ME SHOW YOU THEM), Maximos, Shinobis, it goes on and on.
4 years ago#127
zhaoyun99 posted...
Dynasty warriors 5 and 6 in hard (Master in DW6) and Chaos

Dynasty Warriors 7XL Nightmare

WO3 in Chaos for 7 stars or above.

No to all of those except for Chaos 6 and 7XL, but only because I haven't played XL.

Surprised you didn't mention the Gundam games though, DWG3 challenge missions are insanely difficult.
4 years ago#128
NicoJay6 posted...

Raycon posted...
Samp98518 posted...
F-Zero GX.

Hardest racing game you'll ever play. Only the first mission you do is easy, and trying to win a cup on something harder than novice is going to hurt.

The only game I have never beat completely. This game is LEGITIMATELY hard. To this day I have yet to beat Mission 7 and the last mission on very hard. It is forever a wound in my pride. Damn you Sega. You win this round.

F-Zero GX. I have two or three missions yet to beat on very hard and I struggle to consistently place first in all races on the Sapphire cup (second cup) master difficulty. Amazing game, I think I might fire it up tonight.

I used a custom car for all the cup races- B class body and A class boost, B grip. Not the smoothest turning car, but once you know the feel of it every race-track, it was nigh-unstoppable. Learning to compensate for tight turns was the trick, and once you had that down, I was breezing my way through every cup race.

But you can't use custom cars in story mode. You have to use that flimsy blue falcon for everything.

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4 years ago#129
WarZ. The game is so hard you'll be beaten to death by an invisible player who hasn't loaded yet in your screen and this isn't in beta at all.
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4 years ago#130
Incredible Crisis
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