HnS genre is not dead; DmC was just bad. MGR sales are a proof.

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I don't know about the UK sales, but Rising is doing way better than DmC in Japan for its first week of sales.

MGR - 308,681

DmC - 110,429 (pathetic amount)

Hell, MGR is doing even better than DMC4.
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buakawpp posted...
sales don't make a game any good, MGR is a disgrace to the MGS franchise and its a poor, repetitive experience that i'd like to forget about. Even DmC was better lol

Now you're just being nasty!

"Listen you protein guzzling buffoon-"
"That sentence had too many syllables , APOLOGIZE!"
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pyro_bunta posted...
Implying MGS fans are HnS fans.

*raises hand

I've been playing Metal Gear since Metal Gear on the NES. I actually liked Snake's Revenge, even though it seemed a LOT different than the first (and years later I learned why). I still own both. I love MGS & MGS: Twin Snakes. I enjoyed MGS2. I own both releases of MGS3, just so I could play MG2 without an emulator. I loved MGS PW, Ac!d 1 & 2, & P.Ops. And of course 4.

I also love the score-attack-game Lollipop Chainsaw. The Golden Axe series (though not so much Beast Rider...except for the shots of Flare's butt). Heck, I even like the X-Blade games. Naturally I love the God of War & Ninja Gaiden series and Bayonetta, of course.

I'm sorry, what were you stating again?