I just realize something.

#1360pagesPosted 3/6/2013 11:28:37 PM
Dante from DMC 3 with 2 guns and 2 weapons having either the Gunslinger or Swordsmen style has more moves than Donte has with all of his weapons.

That is disheartening.

Just to put it up, Swordsmen give each weapon three extra attacks. Gunslinger does the same with guns.
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Oh really? I hadn't noticed. Let me cancel my pre-order.
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Really? I haven't noticed.
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" we've combined styles and removed lock on to get rid of unnecessary game mechanics and make the game accessible" - Alex johnes.

In other words, limit the options of the player and take down technical aspects . Simply dump down the game.
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It's not like DMC that hard to play to begin with, just very hard to master.

This game is easy to play, and easy to master. SSS YOUR SAMADFAA AFAFAFA For a simple Axe swing is kind of stupid.
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