Describe DmC's plot in 3 words

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3 years ago#81
The Wubbeth Intensifies.
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3 years ago#82
Dante, Franchise Killer
3 years ago#83
Dee eeM Cee
Makes sense to me...
3 years ago#84
Jeroisourosin posted...
Team ninja sucks

You mean ninja theory sucks.
As for my 3 words : They Live ripoff
3 years ago#85
Pizza, at least.
Treachery is the inevitable result of all affairs.
3 years ago#86
Jeroisourosin posted...
TheGrandFinale posted...
Jeroisourosin posted...
Team ninja sucks

Lol. no. Team Ninja are goddamn great at making stylish action games. Sure NG3 was ass but Ninja Gaiden Black still is a top-tier title.

1.Not 3 words.
2.Nice opinion though.

Seriously, other than Other M, Team Ninja are beasts at game-making. Are you telling me that Ninja Gaiden Black is a poor game? Seriously? And I already posted a 3 words reply in the topic. Seriously, Team Ninja sucks now according to this board. I guess I can understand why some people think DmC is the king of action games...

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3 years ago#87
Bayonetta is better
3 years ago#88
Filthy f***-child.
3 years ago#89
Tries too hard.
Now I'm motivated!
3 years ago#90
not that bad
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