DMC Artbook apparently confirms Vergil=Nero's dad

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And where is he perfect? He spends half the game being useless and the other chasing after Kyrie also uselessly, can't hold a candle to Dante in terms of skill or ability, is objectively inferior in gameplay abilities and has no real background info in the game itself.

Nero is no different from Jacques in Onimusha 3, a newcomer character that gains similar abilities to the previous main character. He's not perfect and nobody in game treats him perfectly. At best he's a self-insert and even that is doubtful.

Unlike Nero, Jacques was a beast I remember being excited when he beat the s*** outta Ranmaru.
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Lawl, Jacques is in Onimusha 3 because they wanted to use Jean Reno, not as a self-insert.
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I'll stay in denial.
oh ok.
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Lawl, Jacques is in Onimusha 3 because they wanted to use Jean Reno, not as a self-insert.

I never said he was. You're reading my post improperly.
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Rising_shadow posted...
It's been implied for years. I never thought the one year after DMC1 thing ever made much sense really. Dante looks like he's in mid 30's in 4. Could be the stubble though.

What makes you say that? DMC4 takes place about 10 years after DMC3 and Nero is supposed to be around the same age as the twins were in DMC3.
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Nero's mom is Kat

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Maybe Virgil first activated Devil Trigger when he was 10/14 and he went nuts and.... yeah...

Getting f**** by the DT? Ouch.
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So people are assuming half-demons age at the same rate as everyone else?

I always assumed Dante was much older than he was letting on. Prolonged life due to demon blood and whatnot. Hey, if it can work for Saiyans.
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Is this why they went with a reboot, because it's frickin stupid...

Nero should be a Vergil clone developed in some unknown lab, that way everything would fit.

It's amazing how japanese writers either corner themselves or come up with ridiculous plot points.
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That is talking about the unofficial book that was created on the side for DMC4 that wasn't cannon to the story of DMC4. In the book Vergil came to Nero before he awoken his powers. In the actual game Nero remembered the scene where Kyrie was about to be killed by a demon and he rescued her.

Dante is 28/19 in DMC4. This is what Capcom has stated. Nero is the same age Dante was in DMC3, this is also what Capcom has stated. DMC4 is a few months after the Anime and almost a year after DMC1 since the Anime is some months after DMC1.