Has the fate of this game

#1pyro_buntaPosted 3/9/2013 2:02:15 AM(edited)
Wash away THE anger
...for Tony Redgrave...
#2smithkakarotPosted 3/9/2013 1:57:52 AM
The anger has been gone for more than a year. All that remains is stoic jaded-ness...
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#3UtaNapishtiPosted 3/9/2013 2:42:26 AM
If I had to choose, I'd say Maiden''s Cappricio is slightly better than Mystic Oriental Love Consultation.
#4TheDromaderPosted 3/9/2013 2:58:03 AM
Here I stand beneth the warm and soothing rain
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#5KyryloPosted 3/9/2013 3:15:32 AM
pyro_bunta posted...
Wash away THE anger

MY hate burns with a passion of thousand suns!!!!
#6GL10Posted 3/12/2013 10:32:11 AM
The droplets falling gently down on the terrain
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#7Maiken100Posted 3/12/2013 10:48:05 AM
metal fans are always angry GRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
#8StrelokPosted 3/12/2013 10:57:01 AM
I can not lie. From you I can not hide.
I'm losing the will to try. Can't hide it. Can't fight it.
So go on, go on, come, leave me breathless.

This game is terrible.
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#9pyro_bunta(Topic Creator)Posted 3/12/2013 11:51:14 AM
Wash away the sorrow of the stains of time
But there's memory, it's only dry inside...
...for Tony Redgrave...
#10Green_PuffPosted 3/12/2013 11:53:38 AM
This game is decent, neither too bad, or too good.
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