Anybody think future DLC?

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3 years ago#1
Bout to beat VMD tomorrow or tonight then I'm done with it, play some MGS:R but before I do that need to know about DLC lol
3 years ago#2
A Best BP for Vergil and costumes but don't get your hopes up for that.
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3 years ago#3
Probably not. I doubt Capcom would sink more money into this game.
3 years ago#4
Well, since you brought up Revengeance, they announced story DLC for that in April where you play as Sam in one, and LQ-84i in the other.

As for DmC, I don't see more story DLC after Vergil's Downfall. Like the above poster said, maybe some more costumes and a Bloody Palace for him but yeah. They should've just gave him the mode too considering he has Angel and Demon attacks..
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3 years ago#5
Bloody Palace that has Vergil in it.

And make it FREE!

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3 years ago#6
Vergils bloody palace would be impossible to make, his story is too short, there is only 2 bosses it would end up being like 50 levels long. dantes was only 100 it just would not work with this game. I would love more dlc but i think its done for
3 years ago#7
Incorporate the bosses from the main game into his BP...

What? It's not impossible to do...
You will not forget this devils power!
3 years ago#8
Not in a million years. Also FYI it's MGR
3 years ago#9
The only future this game has is the bargain bin
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3 years ago#10
not impossible but doubtfull they will go through the trouble if there was gonna be dlc they should have said SOMETHING by now
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