Devil May Cry listed #385 on the list of best games ever...

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Fulvip posted...
Neither sales nor reviews, together or apart fully define the quality of a game. Gamers need to have a say too. And that means that in the end you end up with pros, antis, trolls and indiference everywhere. Want to know how a game truly shows quality? When everyone seems to heavily stand on one side. Does DmC show quality? There are reviews that say yes, reviews that say no, people that say yes, people that say no and sales that just say no.

So in the end you have a game that has an insane amount of hatred, much of it justified and that only serves for people to dig deeper and find more flaws. You have DmC, you have a bad game, with reputation so bad that not even the DMC name can make the game shine and sell. Capcom failed, DmC failed. That's the quality of the game.

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If DmC is top 365 best all time, so be it.

Question is, does it changed the fact that the game "flopped"?
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