If Capcom made DMC5 and allowed NT to make DmC2 as well...would you be happy?

#215hadowsPosted 4/1/2013 1:34:42 PM
Getting the game I want to play AND having NT make another flop to dirty their name even more? Not only that but having both games it would show NT fanbots how inferior DmC is compared to DMC.

I'd be the happiest person in the world if that happened.
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syctheweilder posted...
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I'm curious about what people will say...

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I'll be honest: I mainly made this topic....


No oopsie. I never tried to hide or deny that all the Zoras were mine. I already showed that in my topic proclaiming that I really enjoyed DmC.

So we're allowed to have alts now?

Ok, I'm gonna go make another account with my name spelled correctly.
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DmC shouldnt exist. So no.
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Dathrowed1 posted...
There should be an option for the realists who don't see it happening.

Yes, Capcom's 5th biggest franchise that has sold over 1million each entry is totally not getting another entry after their attempt to switch audiences failed.
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