You now have to fight Donte in the ghetto

#1caffiend7Posted 4/10/2013 9:11:56 PM
Donte has all his wepons and white hair. But before you fight use a quote from a character of the last fighter you played(if you never played one, you flip Donte off instead). Now to fight back you can get the power, weapons, equipment, misc, or mech, from the last three games you played. As an added BONAS, Tameem has teamed up with his doppelganger to STOP YOU!

"You are not so fearsome" MK9 Cyber Sub-Zero

Yamato from DMC3SE

Raiden's new cyborg body MGR

Asura's power Asura's Wrath

As long as the mods don't interfere I expect this to get 5-1.2million posts

Also no defenders of Donte or you will be considered an enemy of the republic.
#2Pesmerga255Posted 4/10/2013 9:28:57 PM
"Might controls everything." Vergil - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Weapon: HF "Muramasa" Blade - Metal Gear Rising

Mech: Neo Granzon - SRW OG Gaiden

Powers: Kira Yamato's plot armour - Gundam Extreme vs.

I think I win.
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Pesmerga255 posted...
"Might controls everything." Vergil - Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Weapon: HF "Muramasa" Blade - Metal Gear Rising

Mech: Neo Granzon - SRW OG Gaiden

Powers: Kira Yamato's plot armour - Gundam Extreme vs.

I think I win.

baby, we both win
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This ought to be interesting...
Quote will be hard, the last fighter I played is quite some time back as I tend not to play many fighters.
Add in that Rival Schools is in Japanese I have no clue what the hell they are saying.
So I'll just do this.

Hinata: *something in Japanese, likely involving beating someone into the ground*

Weapon: HF "Muramasa" Blade - MGR

Mech: If we count air/spacecraft as mecha I guess I fly an Arwing.

Powers: I don't know about you guys but epic level D&D magic is about as destructive as you can get considering there are spells that erase existence... So this'll be all the powers and spells a level 35 wizard in NWN has.
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Quote from a character of the last fighter played:
"You're barley enough for a warm up." Hwoarang, Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Powers, Weapons, Equipment, Misc, or Mech from last 3 games played:
1. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
2. Fire Emblem: Awakening
3. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Powers: The abilities of a master assassin from 1 & all the skills available to a male Grand Master from 2.

Weapons: Full assassin gear from 1 & Magical tomes from 2.

Equipment: Poltergust 5000 from 3.
God help him if he tries to hide in Limbo... That's equivalent enough of being a ghost, right?

Misc: Platoon of master assassins to summon at any time from 2.

Mech: My wife Nowi in dragon form from 2.
Seeing as I don't have a mech/vehicle available I decided to improvise an equivalent.
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"Light the fuses, Toss the bomb!" Felgrom - guardians of middle earth.

Raiden cyborg body . MGR

Jackie Estacado's Darkness power. The darkness 2

Guo hai's gun cannon - dynasty warriors 7

Battle starts, twenty seconds later donte dies like this.
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The last three games I played before I entered this topic the first time were Double Dragon Neon, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Dino don't stand a snow ball's chance in Hell.
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I don't play fighters that often so, flip off donte.

I wield Ea Gilgamesh's sword from Fate/Extra CCC

I pilot Gurren Lagann From Super Robot Taisen Saisei Hen

And I have spiral power From Super Robot Taisen Hakai Hen (better boost in stats FTW)
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All I need is the last game I played, SRW Alpha.

Infinity Cylinder all day erry day.
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"Time for your curtain call" - Cerebella, Skullgirls

Weapon: Replica Monado (Rudra) - Xenoblade Chronicles

That's all I'd really need due to how versatile the Monado is, but I guess I wouldn't mind wearing the stuff Swordmasters wear in Fire Emblem.
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