Assuming that NT doesn't make DmC2, and Capcom outsources, who should make DmC2?

#21RukumouruPosted 4/12/2013 6:16:25 AM
Hopefully to Ninja Theory again, or to the internal studio that made DMC4. In both scenarios I would like them to adopt NT's control scheme and DMC4's moves, attack animations and combat choreography cutscenes.

Now, if we have to be bound by the OP rules (Outsource, not NT), then I wouldn't really be so sure. I like Ninja Gaiden more than I liked Bayonetta or MGR because of how "punchy" the hits feel (which is one thing DMC does better than anyone else), so I would say:

Team Ninja, but with NT's control scheme and DMC4-like moves and attack animations.

Although truth be told, Team Ninja's attack animations are badass too. Guess it goes in the japanese blood.
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The hobo outside my hotel.

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This can be the only answer.