If ninja theory didn't like DMC?

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Hahaha no they do not like DMC. I see you weren't here for the Game Developers Conference.

If they don't like anything, it's the aggressive fans. In the early interviews, Tameem expressed excitement at working with DMC. It was an honor for him and Ninja Theory to have a hand in the newest installment.

Capcom approached the studio with the prospect of taking the series in a radically different direction. Ninja Theory obliged. They did what they could with the source material. They didn't take the job to sully the series--they took the job because it's a job. You take what you can get.

If Tameem made comments about Dante's style, it was because he saw the need to update the character for a modern audience. Whether or not he was right to do so is besides the point. The character is over ten years old; I get why someone would want to reinvent the character.

Ninja Theory doesn't hate the series.

Where have you pulled this crap from? In first interviews Tameem was "Dante uncool, BAyonetta uncool, to japanesey, don't want." 10 years old character? lol. I think than we need hairy version of Kratos, black version of Ryu Hayabusa and throw away all old RE characters.
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Damn, someone is angry because he got schooled again.
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"If ninja theory didn't like DMC" then DmC would have zero differences from the one we got.

So even if they did like it, they still made the same game as if they didn't like it.