Nero Angelo as a villain

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3 years ago#1
How would you feel if they pulled a Liquid Ocelot (phase 1) and made Nero Angelo as a villain.

Something happens to Kyrie, Nero goes rogue, combines with Vergil's personality, etc etc. Dante has to stop him (he won't be old aging Dante).
3 years ago#2
DmC2's plot right there. Tameem taking notes.
3 years ago#3
I'd cry more than Nero
3 years ago#4
ScreamingMidget posted...
DmC2's plot right there. Tameem taking notes.

Nah that's not how they do things, not enough "on par with the best hollywood has to offer" up in this b****.

Which actually means "let's take the best hollywood has to offer and steal it".

Tameem: So what movies you guys like?

Theoretical Ninja A: I like Jurassic Park.

Theoretical Ninja B: I like Titanic.

Theoretical Ninja C: I like Scarface that movie is great!

Tameem: Ok so DmC2 is set sometime after the events of the first and has Dante immigrating to an island where humans are trapping demons in a zoo like setting since they can't actually kill them effectively and stuff. Due to his Nehpilium powers he quickly rises in the ranks of trappers on the island. Dante meets and falls in love with a woman named Rosy while on the island but it soon all falls apart, the demons escape and the island sinks, in the end only Dante survives to mourn the lose of his love.

And Vergil is only in a 30 minute DLC called Vergil's Uprising where he turns into true Nelo Angelo. This will clearly get the old fans cause of old game references right?

Game Journalists: DmC2 is brilliant!!! The gameplay sucked of course but dat original story... 100/10!!!
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