Name a series reboot that was just as bad, or worse than this one.

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I'm aware that X-Men III did a great many things wrong, but I still thought it was good, especially when Magneto makes the comment about the usefulness of his "lesser" mutant followers.
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Bomberman act zero
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The Nolan Batman movies. :)
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TT_TT_TT posted...
lokithefool posted...
For me it would be this...

From masterpiece

The Dark is Rising (The Dark is Rising Sequence)

to this...

The Seeker: The Dark is Rising

This is hard for me to say, but if I could actually make this movie cease to exist I would gladly welcome DmC2 existence in exchange.

Oh god I remember reading the grey king which was a later novel in the series thought it was good watched the movie like a year later and I wasn't even aware it was part of the series I found out when I was curious to see if there where anymore books from the grey king, I found out there were ones before it got excited then found out there was a movie on the second book or something I was a little curious, then found out I had seen it and thought it sucked. But no DmC2 I would never want to see, I mean I'd rather have a Green Lantern sequel than that.

That movie betrayed a book series that really didn't deserve it. Honestly how do you turn a wild fey ambiguously good/evil character like Will Stanton into a stupid ass American teenager that thinks he is a freaking super hero.
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Pesmerga255 posted...
X-Men 3 was ****ing terrible.

Pesmerga its like you, and I are on the same wave length why did professor X have to die >:/
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Nobody has mentioned Streetwise yet, huh?

I guess I'll do it now.

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LordKaizer posted...
Nick_Kazama posted...
Chris Nolan's "Batman" trilogy.

It's honestly one of the worst set of films I've ever had the displeasure of sitting through. Now the guy has been meddling with Superman as well. His films are the most overrated pieces of ****. He needs to stop trying to make superheroes "realistic" and just direct films about people dreaming about dreams or something. Superheroes are not meant to be realistic.

And while we're on the subject of taking taking a fantasy thing and making it realistic, Mortal Kombat Rebirth was frikkin' awful. And that Spider-Man reboot... I have literally zero interest in it.

YOU HATE NOLAN'S BATMAN TRILOGY? you are now my best friend because i also think these movies sucks so bad (don't get me started on the joker, scarecrow and bane).

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I'll go with the last airbender (i'm sorry my people for reminding you about that abomination)

AWW YEA!! *Hugs* :'D It's so nice to find another who escaped the brainwashing of those films!

Also, on the topic of X-Men the Last Stand; yeah, it was pretty bad. Singer jumped ship at the last minute to direct Superbore Returns and instead of waiting, Fox decided to rush it into production and hired Brett Ratner because he "had experience directing movies with rushed timetables". It had loads of little cool bits in it (The Danger Room, some fight scenes, the ost was amazing) but it was all just done so poorly. Cyclops should've had a big role in it, but... well, yeah. And Dark Phoenix ended up just standing around looking evil (or bored) for ages cause they had to add a cure storyline... :'(
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Yeah, I was sorta irked when they killed Cyclops off. I don't think it was even in the first ten or fifteen minutes, either.
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*Reads all of the thread* Well I guess I'll leave this here *Opens a portal to an universe of brain bleach* Just a friendly reminder to all brain bleach users, overexposure to this universe may cause you to forget who you are, you may want to tattoo your name on your hand and hope you remember how to read. Good luck and use as needed.

On topic Last Airbender. *jumps into brain bleach universe*
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lokithefool posted...
Pesmerga255 posted...
X-Men 3 was ****ing terrible.

Pesmerga its like you, and I are on the same wave length why did professor X have to die >:/

Its what happens when the writers change.
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