If DmC2 is actually made by Capcom, how'd you react?

#21KyryloPosted 4/26/2013 5:41:02 AM
NT did everything to convince fanbase no to buy it. what else to say?
#22Pesmerga255Posted 4/26/2013 6:49:59 AM
Kyrylo posted...
NT did everything to convince fanbase no to buy it. what else to say?

"There's nothing to fix."
#23RukumouruPosted 4/26/2013 8:44:35 AM


- The color-coded enemies worked in another fashion (less damage instead of all-out block) or ceased to exist entirely

- The disgusting references to dirty gritty sex/sexuality were removed

- The story became just a tiny little bit more lighthearted

- The cutscenes included a few displays of combat acrobatics

- Dante stopped wearing a wife-beater and looking scrawny

- Dante kept his iconic white hair

- Dante became more grounded and less butthurt "**** you"

- Dante had a healthy mix of lighthearted joking/taunting and seriousness (DMC) or even an all out jokester attitude (DMC4)

- The combat animations were "snappier" and more "japanese" (stylish)

- All weapons had some more moves

- Devil Trigger was less OP and was available more often (like DMC3/DMC4)

- The Bloody Palace wasn't a freaking joke for the first 50 rooms

- The bosses were fun to fight and weren't ridden with "context-sensitive" actions and cutscenes

- Turbo Mode was in the game by default

- The soundtrack had a distinct lack of garage/thrash metal and wubwubwubwub

Then I would buy and love DmC2, yet still hope for the return of the classic franchise.

Bonus points for Ebony and Ivory not looking like crap.

Jesus, that's a loooooooong list.