How much of the game "really happened"?

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None of it. Its all a nightmare Nero is having.

The funny thing is that Nero is also a bad dream...XD

We all know DMC 4 is just a bad dream and that the real sequel will still going to be released sooner or later. Devils Never Cry.

DMC4 is kinda turning into a bad dream, cuz each time when I play it, I am reminded of all the good stuff in that game, followed by the sudden sad realization that a sequel to DMC4 was replaced by the terrible DmC.
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Donte - **** you!

*Donte goes into Limbo*

Donte - I'm in ****ing Limbo!
Kat - HOW!?!?!?!?!?!?1111

*Donte then goes into another Limbo, due to proper Dante kicking him into that position, breaking Donte's back and reclaiming his series and restoring DMC to it's former glory! :3
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