What happened to the "Angels" in the harem promo art

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Seeing Lollerstar explain the weird counterproductive reasoning behind Neflooms just...

It only raises more questions because even more plotholes open up.
And the plot was already looking like Swiss Cheese...

Just like Ocorina of Time....and Twilight Princess....and Skyward Sword....and Hyrule Historia.... :'(

don't get me started on the "third timeline" BS.
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Oh shatter. Always gotta spread the lies further.
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Vergil and Mundus explained all this in the game.

There has always been a war between the angel and demon races and the human race does not apply. Therefore, they didn't live among the humans.

Mundus and his demon followers came through the Hell Gate into the human world searching for Sparda and Eva. They both abandon their kind and also the war to be together. When discovered, that's when they've erased Vergil's and Dante's memories and sent the both away to live with the humans, thinking that they're humans.

That's why you see the angels witnessing Eva's death from a spiritual plan. Because they're not physically present in the human world. If they were present, would Mundus have attack them as well...lol.

Mundus is present though. That's why they're wearing meat suits and the Hell Gate cloaks them from humanity and allows humans to see them as something else.

So basically if there were angels living among the humans and protecting them, there wouldn't be a need for Dante to be humanities protector.

You understand now?

so, by your explanation (i know but let's roll with it), since vorgul and donte unleashed hell on earth, does that mean the angels will go all out on demons on earth? but why angels didn't go attack demons on earth before since demons are taking earth as base to slave the mankind to help them on the war?

wait a sec, demons roaming the human world. demons are on a war with angels (told but not shown), humans are getting killed by demons because our heroes released hell to the humans world. IT ALL MAKE SINCE NOW. it's all a setup for darksiders to kick off.

They didn't release hell on Earth. They closed the Hell Gate which prevented the demons from crossing over into the human realm. Therefore collapsing Limbo upon the real world and now what was hidden is now bare for all to see.

Don't you get it?

That whole scenario was taken from the original DMC lore. Sparda fought back Mundus horde of demons and closed the portal. In DmC's case, Sparda's sons fought back the horde of demons and closed the portal which is the Hell Gate and also defeated mundus, the Demon King.

So now, you're not just seeing a wall of text that's briefly explaining it with very little detail like in DMC1. You're actually doing it in DmC and saving humanity.

The whole purpose of the story was to show how the demons ended up living amongst us and to show how Dante came from not having any purpose in life and not caring about humanity, to now having a purpose and also becoming humanities protector.

The story or plot in DmC is about as simple as videogame plots go. You don't even have to create your very own fan fiction just to make sense out of the whole mess. Like you DMC fans do...lol.

I honestly don't see how you're confused. Because if you're able to make sense out of the originals, which is as about as crazy and weird as Japanese storytelling could be and confused by a simple Western plot like in DmC.

I guess there is something really wrong with me. Because the original DMC universe makes no sense to me nor does it's characters hold my interest and that one DmC game makes complete sense out of the whole DMC universe.
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I guess there is something really wrong with me.

Took you this long to realize that.
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shatter still got it.
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*looks at destroyed city*

I'm glad we did this Dante, I'm glad we did this.
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Lord_Mizer posted...
I guess there is something really wrong with me.

Took you this long to realize that.

He makes a huge wall of text just to admit there is something wrong with him by not liking DMC but liking DmC storytelling,therefore admiting facts shows that DMC has a better storytelling than DmC.

Facts are starting to affect Shatter, a bit more and he'll seek help in some mental asylum
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That last post from Lollerstar is made out of so much stupid My Little Pony starts making sense to me now. He outright contradicts here what was said in his own precious wittuw game.
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Strelok posted...
That last post from Lollerstar is made out of so much stupid My Little Pony starts making sense to me now. He outright contradicts here what was said in his own precious wittuw game.

you don't like MLP?
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DmC world is run by Demons. If the Demons somewhat overtaken the Angels(Mundas having more control) and the Demons are as easy as they are in game: What type of resistance would the angels be able to showcase? An 6 sec projection of an incoming attack!