Were people seriously offended by the...(spoilers)

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The fact that the crappy boss + stage before that scene made me hate Lilith so much I probably would have Haggar drop kicked her in the stomach myself anyway meant that the only emotion I felt from that scene was "Atleast this means I don't have to deal with those annoying bastards no more! :) But why the gun Vergil? Don't you have long range slashes?"

My morals on most issues like this are poopy anyway. Don't think there's ever been anything that pissed people off in a game or movie (like that Hitman nun trailer or he Tomb Raider "rape" for instance) that actually bothered me before someone pointed it out.

Now that you guy's have pointed it out yeah it does seem sorta f***ed up when you think about it. Not sure if I really care though, hated Lilith and that spawny jerk anyway so I give zero f***s about either of their misery or torment.
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My guess is that he used a gun so that he would have to use those far ranged attacks. That way he wouldnt give himself out being a nephilim. I mean, Mundus only though there was one. Why give himself out like that?
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Vorgil, edgiest OBGYN ever
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NessXPoo-M2 posted...
My guess is that he used a gun so that he would have to use those far ranged attacks. That way he wouldnt give himself out being a nephilim. I mean, Mundus only though there was one. Why give himself out like that?

None of this makes any sense.

One look at Dino and Vorgil and you can tell they're brothers.

Also didn't Mundis go to their mansion? How would he only think there was 1 child?

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Dark_Epathy posted...
And yet that's the point--to be disgusted with Vergil. He's not supposed to be DMC Vergil. He's DmC Vergil.

You don't have to like it, guys, but there is a reason for it. Yes, not to mention the demon spawn is the equivalent to the Antichrist.

Irrelevant, it is tasteless, offensive and downright unnecessary.
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#16Dark_EpathyPosted 5/3/2013 6:24:38 PM
Mm. I see.

I didn't personally find it too offensive precisely because there was a reason behind it. It is sensational, gratuitous, and exploitative to a degree, and I would be with you fully if we saw random babies just being shot to death. However, it serves a purpose, so I'm okay with it.
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I think it's because (demon or not,) it shows a pregnant woman being shot in her womb.
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There are certain images that just should never leave the storyboard stage by their very nature.

The image of the hero pointing a gun at a pregnant woman's stomach is one of them. The fact is the context of these images doesn't matter; it is just a fool thing to do, and any competent writer would know better.

This brand of irresponsible storytelling is a relic of image comic books from the 90's.
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I'm more insulted by the gimmicky sexual themes of the game. They don't contribute anything to Dante's character at all and were done badly. It was just there to garner attention for pre-teen boys.

The "abortion" scene didn't bother me. What was Vergil suppose to do? Take her to an abortion clinic and hold her hand? It fits with the context and with Vergil's character, and also Lilith is a demon and so is her spawn so i don't feel bad at all, she was going to get killed sooner or later either by Dante or Vergil. The gun thing didn't bother me either because even old Vergil used a gun (DMC 3). I mean there are worse games out there then DmC that have depicted far more heinous acts,
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Yeah, I guess antis would like to see Vergil cutting pregnant Lilith in half.

At least, that's what DMC Vergil would do, by all means. Nobody would even care, they would even clap and say how DMC Vergil was classy and silent!

The double standard is so delicious...