Do you think Capcom will continue with DMC5, DmC2, or neither?

#11AlexxShadenk777Posted 5/4/2013 6:15:00 AM
If you're wondering about TST then go to PhantomBabies, but I'm pretty sure nobody over there even likes the game so I doubt they'll do one of those for it.
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They'll probably cut their losses at this point. Devil May Cry 4, at 2.7 million copies sold and an 84 on metacritic from critics with usually above an 8.0 for user scores, wasn't enough to satisfy Capcom. DmC: Devil may Cry, at 700,000 copies sold with an 86 on metacritic (they wanted a 90, minimum) and below an 8.0 user score wise where people haven't been spamming 0/10, sure as hell didn't satisfy them.

That's two games in a row they weren't happy with sales wise. 3 in a row if you consider that Nero was introduced to "reinvigorate the series and bring new fans in" as Devil May Cry 3 sold worse than Devil May Cry 2.

With dev costs increasing by a projected 15% for launch titles alone (by the time a new DMC comes out, that figure will probably be near 25% as companies ever increase the scope beyond reason), I'm almost certain the Devil May Cry franchise is dead in its current form. And if it's not, the the next title has to be a massive success or it will be the swan song.
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DMC5 or nothing
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*looks at poll results*

#15KA_ME_HA_ME_HAPosted 5/4/2013 1:21:06 PM
XJoeDafoeX posted...
*looks at poll results*


Keep in mind, this isn't a "which one do you want" poll, it's a "Which one will Capcom do" poll. We all know Capcom is stupid lately, like full ****** stupid, so if they do decide to continue DMC they probably will make a DmC2 (which will result in waaaaay more money lost).

Either way, I'm happy. Capcom makes DMC5? Sweet, I'd be ecstatic. They make DmC2? Awesome, I can watch it flop even worse than DmC and then watch Capcom try to justify it. Maybe DMC will be canceled all together and we won't have to watch it suffer anymore.

If Capcom were smart, they'd make DMC5. There's the problem though; Capcom is anything but smart lately.