Time to play Devil may cry to!

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Finished DmC! SSS-Sensational!

Finished 4! Loved it!

Finished 1! Ok!

Finished 3! Hated it!

I finished all but 2... and everyone says this is the worst... Well wish me luck... :p

Play it more and try Vergil. 3 was both really fun and technically great.

I didnt really care for it that much because it feels like a dumb down version of DmC.

most of us felt otherwise though.

And odd's are because most peopleplayed devil may cry 3 first, so their most likely blinded by nostalgia.

Or that DMC3 is an objectively better game, because it is...
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...How can you even dumb down something that came some seven years before?
Not to mention, that's a dumb as **** opinion.
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Rising_shadow posted...
...How can you even dumb down something that came some seven years before?
Not to mention, that's a dumb as **** opinion.

*cough* 30 fps. *cough* less moves. *cough* writing went from simple to atrocious
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Of course sales dont mean anything. Just Look at earthbound and Radiant historia. Those games sold like crap. Yet nowadays their legends among video games. Because like i said. People were to blinded by nostalgia to even try it out. :P

................................... What? What do Earthbound and Radiant Historia not selling well have to do with being blinded by nostalgia?
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The GameFAQs split between pros and antis may be the only thing about this game that wasn't paid by Capcom. And look - the Anti board is still alive and well, seething with hatred over hair, whereas the Pro board has just one page of topics, half of which proclaim that the game is dead.

In contrast, both the PS3 and the much less active X360 boards for MGR discuss the game itself. Including the gameplay, just like how it was on DMC boards in the better days. You didn't see that on DmC boards even when there wasn't a single action game to rival it, back when it first came out.

I think that tells you a lot more about the game than paid reviews and honest sales.
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