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User Info: Kyrylo

3 years ago#1
....have any pro considered getting life? I mean Shatter and mixorz take so much time posting those blocks of text and topics so I start to wonder if they have time to do anything else aside from playing DmC. I also wonder if any of those are actually completed game on all difficulties or it was casual proof enough?

User Info: caffiend7

3 years ago#2
I doubt those mates M8

User Info: Kyrylo

3 years ago#3
but they should mate....

User Info: caffiend7

3 years ago#4
Kyrylo posted...
but they should mate....

Mate if those mates mate, they'll just taint the gene pool even more, m8

User Info: syctheweilder

3 years ago#5

User Info: Chickenfrogman

3 years ago#6
Arr m8y
Renekton would make a terrible lifeguard. He'd just laugh at you as you drown and die and then probably eat your corpse.
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User Info: RagueltheUFO

3 years ago#7
Mating is an impossible task at the moment.

The witches are still trying to figure out how to make male pregnancy possible.

User Info: Malus_X6

3 years ago#8
PSN: LordMalus

User Info: Ink-Ribbon

3 years ago#9
Well, finally a fresh and interesting topic made by an anti! That's what I'm talking about. I thought you had no life, other than posting about how DmC is a bad game and so on...

Anyway, I've played Far Cry 3, Dead Island Riptide, God of War Ascension, Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry 3 from my Hd Collection.

Wow, Arius battle was so intense in DMC 2. It was rough, though, strong, impressive, incredible, fantastic, unpredictable, crazy and so deadly! Best boss ever!

I was disappointed with GOW Ascension. Very easy and what a lame ending, but that was expected, considering it's a prequel. :(

As for Far Cry 3, I'm loving every second of the game. Dead Island Riptide is also amazing in my book. Lots of good games to finish, while I play DmC here and there. XD

I'm very happy today, thanks to all of you. :)

User Info: DuuuDe14

3 years ago#10
Shut up Ink.
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