Any time somebody brings up the positive spin just post this.

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User Info: caffiend7

3 years ago#21
shatterstar posted...

This guy is way too over the top. It's only a videogame.

Denial is a beast! Deal with it.

You're a fine one to talk about denial.

User Info: Mixorz

3 years ago#22
Taizuku posted...
What the hell...?

ITT: Any time someone says they enjoyed the game, troll them.

That's the story of the DmC board.
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User Info: Lord_Mizer

3 years ago#23
There's a huge difference between posting a funny review over flaming the hell out of a companies financial report and outright calling them liars mate.

That wasn't a funny video, weaselstar. It completely sucked and you shouldn't quit your day job. The fact that you were making a video review and being over the top with it makes you no better. Stop only makes you look worse.

Capcom has a history of not being entirely truthful with their products. The fact that you're willing to bend over for them doesn't change that fact.
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User Info: produner

3 years ago#24
shatterstar posted...

I'm a gamer mate. What the hell does a companies yearly fiscal reports or how they run their companies has to do with me?

You've claimed that you were a capcom employee, then a business pro, then a game developer then a combat expert, and lastly " I am a casual DMC player,Mate! i only play few games!".

I'm just a damn consumer that buys and plays random videogames

The extremes to what a butthurt fanboy will go over mediocre franchise and just to capture a few subscribers on the way I guess. Because he's clearly way too old to be behaving like an immature kid.

Wow, you like shooting your legs? First, as you said, you are a casual gamer, thus you don't understand high level play and quality of the games in the franchise.

Also, by extremes, you mean making false claims and advertising a game for three years? Or poping off to false assumptions?

User Info: produner

3 years ago#25

Wow, now i know what developers feel when shatterstar buys their games. If i became a video game developer, i might become paranoid of some aussie breaking into the studio and stabbing me while saying " mate mate mate" just for paying 60$ of a product that he didn't like.
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  3. Any time somebody brings up the positive spin just post this.

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