What do you honestly think is next for Devil May Cry, hearts heart honest answer

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Knowing Crapcom, they're gonna act all butthurt towards people for not buying the turd that is DmC and will throw a hissy fit whilst shelving one of the most beloved series of all time. And they only have their own sheer stupidity to blame. NT also threw a hissy fit and made a full presentation insulting Japanese culture and calling proper Dante "gay".

They used gay as an insult ladies and gentlemen.

I don't know about that mate.

If that word came out of their mouths, I believe they'll have the gay community in an uproar.

They just said that he wasn't cool for this current generation. So if you disagree with that. I suggest you put on a white wig, a bright red trench coat, and some cowboy chaps, and walk into a night club or your school and see if they won't point you in the opposite direction.

Me personally, I would snap pictures of you or record you with my iPhone and upload it on my YouTube channel with a title in large captions....."WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY!"

The only way you could pull that Japanese action figure look off, is if your wealthy like Michael Jackson.

Now you look here mister, whe-- *Sees it's Shatter* Nevermind.
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Devil May cry is great, but to be honest unless I saw a Sparda prequel I would probably have not purchased another one regardless of ninja theory.
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