My review after so many time is finally up. BLOCK OF TEXT is coming [SPOILERS]

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So it took me a long time before I found this game for reasonable price. Now that I finally finished it here's my review. I won't pretend it's professional review, but this is my true experience with the game and I try to keep objective (even tough many would disagree with me probably) :

Combat 7/10
I went in expecting really good combat based on all reviews, but sadly I was disappointed. Combat in this game is good. No denying it. It doesn't felt slow despite all critics about this game. But it has few very big downsides. First one is only 2 ground combos. It's really a shame. After playing NG2 recently it felt so laughably little, that I stopped caring about which upgrades I need for moves at all. Now you may say that DMCs before didn't featured long combo branches as well. You're right. But there were still were more combos to upgrade.
And what really drag it down is mapping all weapons at once. It completely removed variety. After playing and beating DMC3 on all difficulties I have yet to discover all moves it holds for me. Sadly I can't say same about DmC. After I finished Nephilim run and started SoS it felt very uninspiring to use all same moves again and eventually I decided to put it aside for now.
Another problem is how certain weapons/moves are useless. Osiris is barely able to kill an enemy and E&I is so downgraded that I barely used them in the game. Luckily Aquilla and Shotgun/Kablooey somewhat makes up for this. So it's not as bad as it could have been.
Overall combat is better than most small titles in genre, it has good qualities, but with lack of variety it doesn't felt enjoyable for me. I can imagine that those who have problems on pulling hard combos in other HnS titles can find it very enjoyable though.
Another problem is Camera that dew to lack of lock on sometimes refuses to work. I found myself stuck at Succubus fight dew to camera that REFUSED to show me grappling point and dew to that I had to restart checkpoint after failing to grab it for 5-6 times.

Story 6/10
Now story itself isn't bad. It's actually pretty good. BUT Im talking about idea of Limbo and urban mythology with unseen demons. Why 6 ask you probably? Well that's because this idea is basically plagiarism. I haven't saw "They Live" to the end. But even than I recognized it immediately even though I saw it about 13 years ago. It's pretty shame that NT didn't bothered at least contribute to it and make it somewhat different. My another complain….do we actually see anything they talking about? You come in Jail you expect inmates and tortures or at least something that shows it…but instead you see single old demon harassed by harpies. Same goes for every stage of DmC.
And now we have main story with characters. Now "they live"concentrated on psychological problems of main character and how he dealt with his vision. But in DmC those problems are briefly mentioned in dialogues. Instead we have typical teenage drama. 2 guys, 1 girl. She loves him, He don't care about her, other guy likes her and develops feeling toward her, which leeds to conflict between them.
Finally plotholes. it's so overridden with plotholes that are obvious to anyone who watches it.

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Characters 3/10
I will go in depth on every main character.
Dante - now what I've noticed is that Dante here is completely devoted of any rudimentary personality. Many may disagree, but let's looks closely on his acting. When he's not swearing he mainly remains passive in any dialogue. He often says something like "Im here" or "Im going". He speaks only when plot demands it. His relationship with Vergil and Kat is somehow vague. Ok. so he likes Kat. But why? ok, let's pretend it's love on the first sight. Fine, but his relationship with Vergil is barely touched. They suddenly build them in last few levels of the game. I think it's kinda to late for that. They should have at least touch them earlier. Overall he just grasps on elements of original Dante with addition of vulgarity. Many compare him to DMC1 Dante, but I'd say DMC2 v.2 [vulgar type] Dante.
Kat - ok. I must admit I fail to understand what purpose of this character beside teeny drama, sob stories and being damsel in distress. Story could have unfold without her and Dante's last speech about her importance only made me scratch my head.
Vergil - I must admit this guy has best personality of all 3 main characters. At least he has fleshed out personality and his obsession with control is kinda makes up for his lackluster relationship with others. Sadly it doesn't change his cowardly side. "Dante, do something!" lol.
Mundus - now that guy isn't exactly fit for "big bad". I mean he kinda reminds me of Punisher mafia characters or small time Max Payne villains. He doesn't up for his scale of actions. He lack menacing aura or anything that can make him big scale villain.
Overall - character relationship are mostly bad represented in this game. They are not consistent. Especially between 3 main characters. They explained in 2-3 dialogues here and there but any kind of development only happens on the moment. Without any prior development. If you disagree just think: would you tell somebody who was with you on 2-3 missions story about father who violated you?

Writing 5/10
while it's not worst kind of writing you can find in videogames, it certainly very lackluster. I won't go in depth on this. Like I said character dialogues often sounds out of blue like "I protect freedom". Characters talking to themselves like Mundus does and of course infamous F**** you Succubus speech. Over the whole game I have feeling they unto something, but haven't managed to bring it over with dialogues. Very often I found myself asking why? or what for?

Visuals 8/10
Now the only really good thing is visuals. some places are very well made and eye candy. It's bad that they are disrupted. by minor problems like buggy textures or some lazy design like placing game poster into every single small picture in hope nobody notices it.
Character models are well made with exception of Kat. I dunno what's wrong with her actress but if he stands like that whole day she surely has some problem with her legs.
Abuse of filters though is main reason why I haven't gave it 9 or 10. It looks like NT just experimented with video filters randomly choosing ones they like. It's minor disruptor and still. I like attempts to make horror or gothic levels. But Nightclub is example of very poor designed level that looks like some scrapes from SUDA51 table. In contrast to it Prison and Hideout is really good made and much more pleasing to watch.

it's not all folks
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Enemies Design/AI/Difficulty 6/10
Most enemies are pretty unremarkable looking. They surely took DMC2 as example. My main reason for 6/10 is Drekavak or Dreamrunners and Rage enemies. Drekavak are really good made enemies with some pain inducing attack patterns. They can be really hard to fight. But for that most of other enemies are really just meat that you slashes through. Mostly fights are reduced to dodge/pull/combo one more dodge. Now the game ISNT easiest HnS out there. We still have Lollipop Chainsaw and Ensalved for that matter. But it surely behind 80% of other HnS titles as DMC, Bayonetta, NG, etc. I'd say it somewhere on level of first Darksiders. Not to easy not to hard. In terms f design I'd say Drekavak, Rage and Harpies are only memorable enemies.
But than we have Bosses. I go one by one on them.
Hunter. My personal favorite. With few more moves and he could make good boss. His jumping in shadow was cool idea in my opinion.
Succubus Ugh. This boss tested mostly earth than skills. Her badly written monologues are the only remarkable in this fight.
Bob Despite cool presentation and dialogues, this guy is most rudimentary boss in whole game. Hit switch/hit boss/fight enemies/repeat.
Lilith Very unremarkable boss with small amount of attacks. Dunno why people find this thing hard.
Mundus WORST DMC BOSS EVER. Even worser than infested Chopper. I mean C'mon, at least Chopper doesn't suppose to be GREAT DEMON KIND MUNDUS. Who looks like Disney villain and such pushover that its not worth to even try make him menacing.
Vergil Closest thing to DMC's bosses in game. But, man is he slow. He may stand in one place and just waiting for you to move. When he attacks he SLOWLY demonstrates his animation so you can angel evade him with ease. I ended just buttonmashing him after every his attack and not dying once.
So bosses are really terribly made in this game with exception of Vergil and somewhat Hunter.

Replayability 6/10
Dew to lack of variety the only thing that may keep interest in replay is gathering different stuff across a game. It's actually not hard task and I found most stuff on my first playthrough. Once I started SoS and realized Im against same helpless meat in bigger amounts with same moves my inspiration left me and I moved on to another game.

Overall 6
Game itself impresses only over the moment. Knowing that critics usually won't bother play till the end I can only imagine that's the reason for 9/10 reviews.
I haven't experienced many bugs or glitches (the only one was when Mundus'Spawn stuck at one place and couldn't move. But it won't helps it that much. It has bad written story, unremarkable gameplay and low replayability. It doesn't offers anything new in genre and suffers form overload of needless cutscenes. It works like Michael Bay movie. Many flashy sequences, zero substance. It made same impression for me as last Hitman game.
As fan I confirm that it doesn't feels, looks or plays like DMC AT ALL. It works on different mechanics and more GoW than DMC. I regret buying it over impression that it featured enjoyable combat since even at that point it failed to reach a goal.

Healthy counter arguments are welcomed for discussion. No sqeualing, trolling or spamming. (it would either be reported or ignored.)
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you're too f***ing nice for this game but at least no pro will say now you're just a blind hater.
I'll always sit on my royal chair next to dante's chair forever.
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LordKaizer posted...
you're too f***ing nice for this game but at least no pro will say now you're just a blind hater.

I gave my honest review. I can'T say ITS ABSOLUTELY terrible. it's just absolutely mediocre.
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Im proud to say I never touched this game. Good review though. And pros will still call you a blind hater.
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DuuuDe14 posted...
Im proud to say I never touched this game. Good review though. And pros will still call you a blind hater.

I know ^^Im huge sucker for HnS. I bought almost every HnS on the market. The only that I don't have are NG3, NG3Re and Dantes Inferno.
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I enjoy most games, except racing games which i'm terrible in. But i dont play trash.
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Kyrylo posted...
LordKaizer posted...
you're too f***ing nice for this game but at least no pro will say now you're just a blind hater.

I gave my honest review. I can'T say ITS ABSOLUTELY terrible. it's just absolutely mediocre.

Eh about what I think as well. The game really doesn't have any of the fun, or life that the originals had. Personally I still think the only thing redeemable about it is the level design, and that is really only art wise the actual platforming is not very well done.
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LordKaizer posted...
you're too f***ing nice for this game but at least no pro will say now you're just a blind hater.

They'll still day it though. Especially Nuke.
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