My DmC review and commentary....I'm curious about yours.

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3 years ago#1
So, I know some people think I'm a fanboy and I praise DmC to death.

In order to avoid that image and show I'm reasonable, for the first time I'm giving you something different. In other words, this is everything I think about DmC, without lies, without flaws and without fear. Yes, I'm really worried about what you think, I actually won't be able to sleep until I give my part. XD

So, expect straight answers and objective info from me. Now let's go:

I'll split the review in 6 parts: Concept, characters, gameplay, story, bosses and glitches.

CONCEPT: At first glance, I disliked 100% the idea of Dante turning into someone completely different. The first teaser poster really damaged the game's image. That won't change, many people gave up the series as soon as they watched the video.

However, with every new info being released, I started noticing that we were talking about a different universe, different characters ( even if they had same names from original series) and we would finally something different.

The original series needed something fresh. Many wasted chances, so DmC was created. I like the designs, the clothes and the visuals.

Final score: 7. Not bad, not awesome, but it's reasonable.

CHARACTERS: We had Dante, Vergil, Kat, Phineas, Mundus, Lilith and Bob Barbas. I won't mention others, because most of them were bosses or had 1 or 2 lines.

Dante was a little rude at the beginning, but I started liking him. Vergil was cool and classy, just like old Vergil. Phineas was wasted, due his importance to the plot. He just disappeared. mundus was actually fine and he had a better focus on story than the cliche Zeus Mundus from DMC 1. I'm not playing God of War. Lilith was just there, but I liked how she taunted Dante. Kat was beautiful and she had more feelings than both Trish and Lady. Bob Barbas is just an ant being shown n a game. Like real life, another anti was beaten and defeated.

Final score: 8. Lilith and Phineas were the downside of the game.

GAMEPLAY: Plain and simple, way better than DMC 1 and 2, but not better than DMC 3.

Final score: 8,5. Loses 1,5 due the lack of lock on, though I'm used to it now.

STORY: Nothing original, some lines were bad ( like Poison's dialogue), they did copy a lot from They Live. I was waiting more.

Final score: 5.

BOSSES: The worst part of the game, scripted attacks, slow, too big. The only decent ones were Hunter and Vergil. Mundus fight was disappointing. Bob Barbas was interesting too...

Final score: 5,5.

GLITCHES: Yep, DmC suffered with that problem. I had only one glitch during my 104 hours of gameplay and it was the Vergil fight.

However, I agree they needed to fix a lot of that stuff. Hopefully DmC 2 will fix it.

Final score: 5. For a PS3 game, the glitches could have been avoided.

So, total score= 39. 39/6= 6,5. It's a good and reasonable score. That's based on my PS3 gameplay. I've never played on XBOX, though people say it's better. So, it may get a better score.

Now, everything I have to do now, is getting my soda, french fries and a giant piece of pizza, waiting for people to call me a fanboy, even though I said the game has flaws. Anyway, it's part of the game, I guess. XD
3 years ago#2
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3 years ago#3
Werndan101 posted...
3 years ago#4
0/10 trying too hard.
Ill add something here later....
3 years ago#5
TL;DR , thought it's not like i give a **** about an unreasonable source with barely any bit of credibility.
3 years ago#6
ScreamingMidget posted...
Werndan101 posted...
3 years ago#7
Werndan101 posted...
Gamefaqs in a nutshell (
3 years ago#8
So far, I've had 2 answers, one from a user with 4 accounts giving the same score and refusing to discuss about a serious review. The other is a user that failed to understand that I'm not claiming to be more reliable than critics.

So, who's next?
3 years ago#9

Needs more XD
Gamefaqs in a nutshell (
3 years ago#10
360pages posted...
Werndan101 posted...

Judging by your name (360), I guess you've played the game on XBOX 360. What did you think about it?

Was it any good? If so, I may play it to see if it's good.
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