So you're telling me that Dante is a national terrorist, but no one even notices

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These events are happening in one day. Last time I've checked, people aren't watching the news in the clubs, soda factories, and I never seen a bar in the game, except for in that club.

Guy's just front page news but WHATEVs. I'm sure that in a massive soda factory that is popular enough to be doing public tours, there's not one single guy who before or during their visit or work day stopped to take one second to look at their phone and get forwarded five or six dozen emails from loved ones checking in when a huge widely publicized terrorist attack went off near them.

A widely publicized terrorist attack with a picture of someone tied to it. Someone who at the very least had to conduct this act one or two days prior to the game's events as he was banging strippers the night prior to Barbas' newscast and couldn't possibly have been conducting a terror plot of some sort.

No, no one would check their phone to find all this information readily available to them in a world where PEOPLE WERE TAKING PICTURES AND TWEETING A HELL INVASION.
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Strelok posted...
On Persephone though she went absolutely crazy and tried to destroy the afterlife so it might have been for the best that she was murdered until she died from it.

True, but this Hades seems characterized as "Your wife could destroy your very foundation, but you would love and die for her regardless."
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I guess that love really does make blind.
Or allow one to kill gods.

Greyskull has no power.
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Well, it's obviously a flaw, but there is a small ammount of time and perhaps not everyone dislikes Dante....

And the vast majority that do? Are they blind? Too afraid of calling the police? It would have made a bit of sense if he walked around covering his face with his hood, but nope. He doesn't give a s*** ,face completely exposed, no one recognizes him or even turns around thinking they saw him somewhere.
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Apparently, Tameem thinks being a wanted man means that nobody gives a damn either way.
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