Why did the press piss all over DMC4 and yet...

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LordKaizer posted...
to be honest, the backtracking of DMC in general never bothered me. hell, i thought it was on of trademark of the series until somehow when this turd got announced, people start saying backtracking sucks on DMC 4 even though they throw new enemies and gimmicks at you to fresh the gameplay before it get stale. .
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SBK91 posted...
It's not, but a lot of people don't seem to remember DMC3 had it when they bash DMC4 for it.

DMC4 having less content than three, not trying to disguise the backtracking and having more makes it stand out.

saying something like this makes mw wonder if you actually played either

I've played both in the last three months.

do agree the disguise was pretty weak, but nothing to make a big deal about.
they even gave us new gameplay, cutscenes and character.