Should i bother with the game?

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According to NPD numbers these past months, the DmC retail still sold terribly, so retail isn't the option here. The other option is digital which I am sure they make a reasonable amount of money from that.

The statement from Capcom about steady sales applied to the 1.15m sales they reported

Yeah but the NPD numbers sells terribly, whats your point? that 1.15m is sold to retailers and its still have a chance to be returned to Capcom if it doesn't sell and based on NPD numbers these past month, it still sold terribly.

Now think about it, why did Capcom say "solid steady sales" right now, but not when they shipped the game 1.5 m to retailers before 350k of them being returned? you see the point now? it doesn't make much sense why Capcom said it right now, but not when they shipped more units into the retailers. In this case solid steady sales can mean digital + retail sales combine, not retail alone. The 1.15 m that they shipped doesn't seem guarantee so much impact on their revenue anymore, not to mention people buy digital actually give them more money.

lol dont take Capcom's word as gospel buddy, they did that to keep their investors intact.
plus digital sales for games selling like hot cakes are mediocre and you expect DmC to sell?
you know what you are welcome to believe what ever you want. I could care less about DmC at this juncture.