After this game, what would make you forgive Capcom?

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Dead Rising 3 is an example of Capcom completely missing the point. DR is supposed to be corny. Instead, we're getting yet another generic, humourless zombie game with a DR skin.

I guess no one in this thread saw dat awesome ViDoc for DR3 recently.

Its such a shame it's an Xbox One exclusive. I suppose I'll wait for the delayed PC release on GFWL via Steam.

Probably a timed exclusive.
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I think Rebecca was mostly likable during her appearance in Zero since she did A LOT OF AWESOME stuff with Billy. It doesn't really translate to the Remake really well though. If one thing that I could forgive Cashcom, PLEASE MAKE REMAKE AND ZERO AVAILABLE TO OTHER CONSOLES. Other console fans or PC fans would throw their money at you just like how they did with Revelation. BTW, seriously, please make Claire return too since she's been left out a lot lately. Maybe a double team of Claire and Jill or Claire and Barry or Claire and BILLY?
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