Wow. Today's character battle is...

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DevilTriggerSSS posted...
It's funny though how easily the canons from both series could fit together if you think about it. They fit about as well as Bayonetta's does.

'Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry™ series'
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.........awww man! Why the hell did Dante and Zidane have to be in the same bracket for the next round?
#33syctheweilderPosted 7/29/2013 1:14:50 PM
Whatever, Zidane beat Ridley; I'm happy.
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Would rather have had Vivi in it, his plot is more interesting.
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Wow thats sad.
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I'd love to watch Zetta roflstomp Mondass.
#37StrelokPosted 7/29/2013 8:10:35 PM
I'd love to see Etna roflstomp DmC.
I mean seriously, screw two handguns. Etna has a frigging minigun.
And spears but spears suck. Her Axe skill is pretty good though, beats Dontes awkward Arbiter "combo" which is mauling the ground with a sharp blade -_-
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Zetta could probably destroy Limbo with a single Zetta beam, even when he's in book form.
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Phantom_Opera_G posted...
.........awww man! Why the hell did Dante and Zidane have to be in the same bracket for the next round?

Original DMC Dante vs. Zidane?...As in Zidane from Final Fantasy IX?.......Well, at least it's not original DMC Dante vs. Tidus from Final Fantasy X. :/
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I hate how Link wins almost all the time.

Its not that I hate the same guy winning over and over again. Its I just hate how its Link specifically. He isn't a good character because he HAS NO CHARACTER!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously you may as well just allow us to create our own hero in future Zelda games. That way I might actually care about the character because its my own and not just some elf trying to be Peter Pan.

Having said that I LOVE the Zelda series.
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