So, about the "one million units sold" claim...

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Recently, I've seen people say that DmC, in fact, sold that many. Now, I'm not saying that it's impossible, but I will say that it's rather hard to believe such a claim. Are there any legit proof (reliable sales numbers) to support this, or is it just pure speculation? Is there anything that truly debunks the "one million units sold" claim? I apologize if this topic was brought up before, but I'm just wondering if there was any updates on this issue.
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Do you saw what happens to people in Bob Barbass' prison? Well those are scenes from real life taken from special Capcom prison where held anyone who tries to reveal truth about sales.
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inb4 rustled jimmies and people with low IQs.
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I predict we will have the same argument we've had a million times before in this thread.
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I'd believe they shipped a million units, now selling those to the public, well, hahahahaha. No.
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That claim comes from Capcom, the ones with the biggest conflict of interest of all, plus they provided no explanation; DmC suddenly just appeared on their million sellers list.

Until I see some kind of breakdown, I call BS. Ill stick with NPD's numbers, they provide at least some kind of breakdown.
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aznghostbuster posted...
Are there any legit proof (reliable sales numbers) to support this, or is it just pure speculation? Is there anything that truly debunks the "one million units sold" claim?

Is speculation based on the numbers released. After three months the numbers released by NPD pointed to 700~800k copies sold, then the next month the game disapperead from sales games charts, but then magically the next month Capcom said they sold 1.1 millions. Given the reliability of NPD, that it's highly unlikely that sales picked up all of a sudden and that Capcom has all the reasons to pretend with their investors that DmC isn't another failure*...

*Most games they released in the last two years underperformed or downright bombed AND DmC was done with the explicit goal to sell more than the old games. Same reason they try to spin Dragon's Dogma mild success in a positive light despite being their second or third most expensive project ever (economically it's a flop). I'm curious to see what they'll say when Lost Planet 3 will inevitably bomb too.

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The funny part is how apparently selling one million units is a great victory, when it's still far *FAR* less than any of the previous games and thus, can still be considered a flop considering the cost for this one was just so damned high (Avatar mocap studio material doesn't come cheap)
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Not to mention they went from 5 Million, to 2 Million, to 1,2 Million, to 1,15 Million.

Yeah, victory for Capcom.
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Thanks for the feedback. Now I'm wondering what the "pro" side has to say about this. Hopefully, no BS.
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