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3 years ago#1
Favorite Dante design from the series - Results (89 votes)
DMC1 Dante
15.73% (14 votes)
DMC1 Dante (Coatless)
2.25% (2 votes)
DMC2 Dante
28.09% (25 votes)
DMC2 Dante (Diesel)
1.12% (1 votes)
DMC3 Dante
10.11% (9 votes)
DMC3 Dante (Coatless)
2.25% (2 votes)
DMC4 Dante
31.46% (28 votes)
DmC Dante (normal/dark)
8.99% (8 votes)
DmC Dante ("neo")
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
1) the original outfit first seen being worn by Dante in the entire series. Seen in DMC1, 2, and 3.

2) the original outfit from the very first game, sans the coat. Seen on Super Dante and in DMC3.

3) the outfit worn by Dante in the infamous sequel. Seen only in DMC2.

4) an alternate outfit for Dante, which oddly has absolutely no red on it. Seen only in DMC2.

5) the outfit worn by Dante in the most-loved game in the series. Seen only in DMC3.

6) the outfit worn by Dante in the first level of DMC3. Also an unlockable costume in DMC3..

7) the outfit worn by Uncle Dante in most Truestyle Tournament vids. Seen only in DMC4.

8) the outfit worn by Dantameem in the reboot. (this option also counts for the "Dark" DLC outfit)

9) the outfit worn by Dantameem if you buy DLC for the reboot. The only mildly original outfit.

Cast your votes for favorite design! Remember, this includes everything: costume, hair, stubble, the whole nine yards!
3 years ago#2
DMC2 Dante, really.
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3 years ago#3
You should link images of the costumes.
Ill add something here later....
3 years ago#4
5hadows posted...
You should link images of the costumes.

You're right. I'll see if I can find some pictures.
3 years ago#5
DullahansXMark posted...
2) the original outfit from the very first game, sans the coat. Seen on Super Dante and in DMC3.

Wait. DMC1 super dante was coatless? I don't remember that. Although i do remember him wearing an alternate coatless outfit in the move tuitorials and in this trailer:-


It's different from the DMC3 coatless outfit (most noticeably from the sleeves)
3 years ago#6
Images for convenience's sake:

1) DMC1 Dante

2) DMC1 Dante (Coatless)

3) DMC2 Dante

4) DMC2 Dante (Diesel)

5) DMC3 Dante

6) DMC3 Dante (Coatless)
(Sorry, that's the only one I could find)

7) DMC4 Dante

8) DmC Dante (normal)

9) DmC Dante (neo/dark*)

*dark is actually in #8, but that picture had both, so why not use it
3 years ago#7
Strelok posted...
DMC2 Dante, really.

Hey, no shame in that, it was my favorite for a while, too.

Now I'm kind of digging the DMC1 outfit, though. With the DMC3 outfit being my least favorite. Dat nipple strap.
3 years ago#8
The lack of LDK is disgusting
3 years ago#9
Unfortunately, alex777 cannot see this topic because everyone is on his ignore list.
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3 years ago#10
Alexx shares at least one trait with shatter.
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