Oh dang, I think this game might actually be genius

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Black Out posted...
DullahansXMark posted...
... am I reaching, or is this pretty spot-on?

As a person who has a valued engagement with 'the literary' and theatre and 'the criterion of films' --

There is material in DmC that could have been used as the desired 'social commentary' that consumers/creators thought of it (however that came to be). But Tameem doesn't do any proper elaboration or exploration of it, not enough for a in-depth engagement on a sustained analysis from any of those three positions (save for Zizekian critical engagement, but he's a definite exception in that that position can engage with virtually anything in-depth).

From my standpoint, what you're doing is, you see the pieces, and you can see how they could be connected and explored.

In other words, I'd say you're doing things with the game's story material that Tameem could, if not ought to have done with the story.

Interesting, you seem to have put my biggest gripe with the story into words. It has potential, but nothing is done with it. Tameem basically threw all the ingredients for a decent story into a bowl, but he didn't mix them into a meal... er...... plot.

Basically, a lot of fairly interesting concepts were presented, but never followed through. That leaves me more agitated then if they had just been crappy. I'd rather see them followed through poorly then not followed through at all.
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Good theory, though it is unfortunate that this game isn't like that. While your explanation does make sense, if you were to look a bit further then you would see that there are no good guys in this game. Just two extremes of evil, absolute control which is represented by mundus and corrosive chaos which is the rebel's intent, both donte and Vorgul. Let me explain, mundus is shown to be a control freak, that has no true control outside of the fear he can invoke at times, even then he is shown to have a distinct lack of control of the situation. While this may be excused since he is not the protagonist, the game makes sure to tell you very blatantly and reflects it on the world itself that he is a threat, you could try to fit this into the lie tha the game supposedly wants you to rebel against, however you could also say that this game is the very lie. I'll talk about that later, now unto #swagedgy and the fedora ruining monster. Their efforts supposedly are the work of classic rebels, disrupting the system and resisting its hold, however their actions are beyond the scope of that. They willingly put life's at risk just to create enough chaos to get an opening at killing what they perceive to be the bigger threat, ignoring the effects of their actions and in the end creating a world where instead of demons ruling by media and money, demons now rule by fear and power. For them this is true freedom, anarchy.

Now as to the this game is a lie comment. This game says its an action game of the hack and slash variety, yet it handles and plays like a platformer with some of those elements, it says it has a deep story full of meaning and that can rival the likes of Hollywood and theater, yet it's trite and inconsistent, supposedly it has better characters, yet they are all just tropes and puppets. This game is a lie of a game, it's a bad attempt at fanfiction thinly veiled as a playable experience.

You will have to excuse me as I'm on the mobile platform and I can't write all the arguments I wish.
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I like the theory, but I don't think it was intentional, it'd be too deep for Tameem.

Yeah, this is some "death of the author" up in here.

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Probably by "see the truth behind lies" Tameem meant himself and his merry team of monkeys and Crapcom
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ufara posted...
My god! This was wonderful to read.

And anothe interesting thing I thought of a while back, the end of this game is basically the start of a SMT game.

Demons running around on earth, the end of times and crazy stuff happening out of the blue for the average joe.

no, that's the beginning of Darksider when War showed up when demons and angels start a war on earth.
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...I like that theory, TC.

Hell, if they even bothered to write the story like that, I would've been impressed.
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Lord_Mizer posted...
...I like that theory, TC.

Hell, if they even bothered to write the story like that, I would've been impressed.

That would actually boost a point in my book.
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Wow, man, you gotta love that plot twist! I enjoyed reading it...!
And I agree, from that point of view Mundus is actually the good guy... actually, even without the plot twist, I felt sorry for Mundus than for the 'protagonists' nearing the end of the game...
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i think so too
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Phantom_Opera_G posted...
Seems fairly legit.

I thought the main purpose of the hero is to leave the world in a better place than how they found it, however big or small a difference that maybe, but this? I feel hard pressed to think of story in any media, literature, tv, film and theatre that has the hero ****ing up the world worse than the villain.... aside maybe Versus. Though the difference being we find out in the ending where the world is in a similar state to DmC's the villain in Versus as the lesser of two evils

I should have been on your side

what is versus?
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